Crossings 2020 special edition, from 10 to 20 July 2020 - Belmonte Calabro. A collective session with talks, seminars and discussions to contribute to raise awareness of ‘marginal areas’

A special edition this year, due to the delicate situation caused by Covid-19: Crossings changes its form, taking its cue from the experience of Global Tools in the 1970s, in a collective project in ongoing transformation, an extended moment of alternative education that avoids formulating yet another model.

The result is Glocal Tools, a collective session from 10 to 20 July 2020, involving scholars, professors and journalists from around the world in debates, seminars and technical discussions, available to all on digital platforms.

A pathway that starts with the formation of three small working groups: theory, communication and construction. The organization of these three groups already began in April: the various partners, collaborators and consultants have worked to set up and define the contents of the project.

With Glocal Tools, through critical interpretation and experimentation in the field, the aim is to promote design vision that makes so-called marginal areas on a global level and in the context of local territorial systems more competitive and attractive. The area of exploration is not just analysis of the elements that set the character of these areas (difficult access, mobility, the digital divide, lack of policies of innovation and the risks connected with security of the territory), but also knowledge of phenomena of resettlement (new forms of tourism, agriculture and local development, active presence of foreigners and migrants).

The talks will be joined by many other activities, which can be monitored by remote connection. For the complete program, click here.