The delicate installation created by Takt Project during Milano Design Week 2019

To grow while glowing. As it grows, its luminosity changes.

A single row of stalactites in photosensitive resin that hardens with the passage of LED light, seeming to grow and subside in an organic way, like a dance made of many voids and a rare solids, immersed in the darkness of a former warehouse, where the only perceptible sound is a poetic sizzle.

It glows as it grows, altering its luminosity.

Surprising and enchanting, the delicate installation glow - grow created by the Japanese studio Takt Project in the Magazzini Raccordati of Ventura Centrale during Milano Design Week 2019.

Design is not seen as the fulfillment of a form, but as process: functions that generate new functions.

A photosensitive resin that hardens in light, directly solidified by an LED programmed to release luminous beams; the same LED continues to emit light, modifying itself.

The form that grows like an icicle or a stalactite offers different expressions of light, and continues to grow taking on new forms depending on the lighting.

In the darkness, magical ampoules containing drops of resin hardened by light constantly change their glow.

This is not an imitation of nature, but a process of natural-artificial fusion.

glow ⇄ grow | Solo Exhibition in Milan 2019 from TAKT PROJECT on Vimeo.