Visionary architectures for visionary stories - Until 26_02_2021
Via Varese 15, Milan - From Monday to Friday 10/13 and 14.30 / 17.30
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Entering the studio in via Varese 15 in Milan, it is necessary to pay attention to the wooden wand of Bottega Ghianda, to its magic and to Albus Dumbledore who could be hiding behind the austere beard and welcoming smile of Michele De Lucchi.

AMDL Circle presents the Harry Potter @ the Cirlce exhibition. Until Friday 26 February 2021, the design for the covers of the new Italian edition of Harry Potter 2021 by Salani Editore will be exhibited in the studio's exhibition space. Visit booking on eventbrite.


AMDL CIRCLE x Harry Potter from Amdl Circle on Vimeo.

The exhibition tells the creative process of the seven new covers: from the drawing, to the wooden model, to the graphic illustration, to the covers. The places of the saga have been interpreted as archetypes of living to represent them with visionary structures. The architectures, inspired by the wooden models on display, draw on the design imagery of the studio, in particular those buildings that have symbolic connections with the places of the saga. From the union of these elements with the stories of J.K. Rowling, new landscapes were born to allow everyone to reinvent spaces, shapes and characters based on their personal experience.

The creative and multidisciplinary process is underlined by drawings, models and illustrations visible on the monitors. A video by Mario Greco documents Santi Caleca photographing the covers at Chioso, Michele De Lucchi's private studio.

All photos are by Santi Caleca.