Interni May on newsstand

#Istayathome. In this condition of suspension in a period of health crisis and responsibility, we have prepared this May issue – in English, as usual for this month – with a ‘smart working’ system, concentrating on the central importance of the place of confinement of everyday life, while it is being disrupted by our ongoing working habits.

Our interpretations of the multiple scenarios of ‘Home Sweet Home’ during lockdown – as the house remains our safe haven, a place to foster positive energies in the hope of beginning anew in a more constructive way than in the past – focus on spaces that become functional hybrids and flexible, without overlooking the dream of true signature homes.

Cities have mutated in their uses and image, and the domestic dimension adapts, experimenting with new modes of relation, sharing and coexistence inside four walls. From different perspectives, our coverage provides a snapshot of an ideal home office, a cocoon of empathy, a friendly location that represents its inhabitants, their history and personality, together with the many objects it contains.

From soft upholstered furnishings to bookcases, lamps to audiovisual equipment, all the way to fitness gear to use during breaks in the smart working schedule, we have put a particular accent on production Made in Italy. Because in this revolution of ways of using the spaces and times of life, the comfort and appeal of the objects that surround us become more important than ever before.