Until 18 July 2021 - Museo Novecento - Florence

Henry Moore returns to Florence. The Museo Novecento decides to pay homage to him with Henry Moore. Il disegno dello scultore, exhibition curated by Sebastiano Barassi, Head of Henry Moore Collections and Exhibitions, and Sergio Risaliti, artistic director of the Museo Novecento. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation, will see the Florentine museum host a substantial selection of drawings, about seventy, along with graphics and sculptures.

The natural forms (rocks, pebbles, roots and trunks), the animals, but also the skulls and then the relationship between the creator and the material, exemplified by the drawings that portray the hands of the artist or the artist at work in the landscape, represent the heart of the exhibition. Taking its cue from a reinterpretation of some central themes in Moore's production, the exhibition intends to offer an in-depth study of the value of drawing in his practice and its relationship with sculpture.

With this exhibition, a light is lit on the graphic production of a protagonist of contemporary sculpture, who in the course of his activity has had the opportunity to deal not only with primitivist and extra-European sculpture and with the formal and linguistic experiments of the historical avant-gardes (above all the experiences of Brancusi and Picasso), but also with the tradition of the great Italian art of the previous centuries, in particular with that of the masters active in Florence and Tuscany, the great architects of humanism in art.

It was time for the city of Florence to return to pay homage to Henry Moore, the modern sculptor who more than any other was able to interpret and develop the lessons of the great Renaissance masters, giving life to a new, different, though consequential, experience for many. aspects to that of Masaccio and Donatello, of Brunelleschi and Michelangelo. "An art that today is even more exemplary than ever since beyond arguing about its abstraction or not, the presence of man is always felt, in his relationship with history and nature, with his torments and his concerns, with its conflicts and reconciliations ”, declared the director of the Museo Novecento.

The exhibition strengthens Moore's bond with the territory, which still hosts the artist's monumental works and which hosted, in addition to the important exhibition of 1972, an exhibition in the Sala d'Arme of Palazzo Vecchio in 1987. It should also be remembered that Florence represented a salient and perhaps crucial moment in the formation of Moore's artistic genius, who arrived in the city for the first time in 1925, during his first study trip to Italy, thanks to a scholarship made available by the Royal College of Art. As a side event, the Museo Novecento hosts the exhibition Henry Moore in Toscana until 30 May 2021 in the rooms on the second floor. The project was born with the intention of underlining the link between the sculptor and the Tuscan territory and presents a series of works from private collections that testify, together with documents and photographs, the intense artistic and emotional relationship that bound the sculptor to the city of Florence and Tuscany. The study trip to Italy in 1925 represented for Moore a sort of revelation, the live observation of the masterpieces of the Tuscan masters of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries will accompany him for a long time and will mark his artistic training together with the study of primitivist and extra-European sculpture, discovered at the British Museum in London, of the historical avant-gardes, of Brancusi and Picasso.