Blauer presents the photography of James Mollison, curated by Felice Limosani. FGF Industry celebrates its 20th in collaboration with Pitti Immagine Uomo and an immersive exhibition, presented by Blauer at the Dogana di Firenze from 7 to 10 January 2020

A road trip in the United States made for Blauer by the English photographer James Mollison. A visual narrative of authentic landscapes and people, a true cutaway view of America in our time.

“We wanted to create a different kind of communication that would take what Blauer represents in the world into account, with true American landscapes and personalities, like the authentic spirit of the brand. We have worked with James Mollison because he is a talented artist capable of taking on this difficult task. For us, Florence is the perfect setting in which to present this narrative of images, and Pitti is the perfect partner for its communication,” says Enzo Fusco, president of FGF Industry and creative director of the Blauer USA brand.

“I wanted to give the project a certain authenticity,” says the photographer James Mollison, “creating an opportunity to meet ordinary people, not professional models but real individuals who can embody the American spirit.”

Felice Limosani, curator of the exhibition, adds: “Observing the work of James Mollison with sensitivity and care, you can perceive the visual power he has captured in territories, places and atmospheres. Above all, you can understand something about the people he met, their way of being and living. For this reason, I have chosen to work only with the original contents of his voyage, in order to allow it to continue. As in a remake, I have created an immersive pathway with images, voices, music and the breathtaking landscapes of California, Colorado, Michigan and Texas.”