Haptic Concrete Colors by Ritmonio, cement applied to tap controls

The Haptic series by Ritmonio, with cement tap controls based on the Concrete concept, calls for the use of cement resins in the sector of design faucets.

Research on color and styling, with ongoing exploration of new techniques of workmanship for this material, have led to the concrete colors concept, in the project The Colors of the World, in which the cement knob is offered in a range of colors inspired by natural settings.

Eight colors are available – based on primordial natural elements – ready for multiple combinations. Tramonto, Canyon, Oceano, Vulcano, Artide, Tundra, Amazzonia, Sahara are the chosen names: pale but forceful, sober but daring hues, capable of triggering emotions, precisely like the “colors of the world.”

An innovative product that disrupts the customary image of cement, seen as a material with a single color connected with industrial settings. Here the focus is on great visual impact, for projects of interior design with a forceful theatrical effect.

The handle is the true point of contact with the user, and it is enhanced by the tactile qualities of the cement, for a perception of softness and warmth. A rugged, structural material that suddenly reveals a velvety, gentle identity, also thanks to the use of color.

A sensory experience that is completed by the visual dimension: the eye clearly grasps the color variations of the various surfaces of the handle and their evolution over time, as well as the porous consistency that becomes softness to the touch.

In the images, illustrations by Davide Pezza.