Rethinking the office, with an accent on automation and creativity. In the Isola zone of Milan, the headquarters of Bending Spoons is a place for fun and technology

How can you make an office for creative workers? In recent years the most innovative companies have focused on new work lifestyles, in which sharing is the crucial concept.

As in the case of Bending Spoons, a smartphone app developer. A context of young, dynamic, creative workers, reinterpreting the concept of the office.

The new headquarters in a building on Corso Como in Milan transforms the 680 square meters of the sixth floor, in a project by Taramelli Srl. The new internal layout calls for open-plan areas and a communal zone with a kitchen along the perimeter, alternating with meeting rooms.

The central area is for the services and other more secluded spaces. The ambitious project was implemented while the building was still in the middle of a renovation. This lead to the need for interaction with another team which handled the most invasive modifications, also for the project assigned to Taramelli.

Few elements have been conserved of the original structure. Divider partitions have been demolished whenever possible, replaced by large glazings that allow natural light to enter. The internal doors and casements are made by hand in glass and painted, welded iron, designed for air circulation.

The finishes include custom wallpaper, while the shared areas and meeting rooms have been soundproofed with a natural material – moss – specially treated for the purpose.

The company’s high-tech character is reflected in full physical plant automation requiring no human intervention, thanks to the use of presence and light intensity sensors.