Evocative fragrances in glass flasks, with stoppers made in the same marble that has suggested the aroma 

Does marble have an aroma?

Yes, the aroma of art, culture and history, of the material, nature and the territory, but also of Italian beauty and luxury.

I Profumi del Marmo proposes the essence of the material, nestled in refined packaging that enhances the characteristics of marble.

I Profumi del Marmo is a line of scents based on the keen intuition of a young industrialist from Carrara, the worldwide capital of marble, who has thought about how to associate this noble material from his homeland with certain fragrances that call forth memories and emotions.

With their different characteristics, all the scents convey meanings. Together, they create a true pathway through the Italian regions, by way of marble, its shaping and its craftsmanship.

The fragrances proposed – Statuario, Calacatta, Arabescato, Bianco Carrara, Portoro, Rosso Verona, Eminentia, Bugia and Travertino – are based on types of marble that are very different from one another, due to their unique morphological structures and visual impressions, though they are all associated with architecture, sculpture and luxury.

I profumi del Marmo respond to the desires of those who are looking for an exclusive perfume, for the person or the home, but also those who want to carry with them a small piece of the marble that was already loved by the ancient Romans for its fascinating purity.

The various collections of products contain evocative fragrances in refined packaging: elegant glass flasks are topped by stoppers made of the same marble on which the scents are based, foreshadowing sensations and underscoring charisma.

Every environmental scent of I Profumi del Marmo fits with style into any room in a home, a studio or a shop, bringing a delicate but lasting aroma. The perfume is emitted by sticks immersed in the liquid, which absorb it and release it in a constant, gradual way.

The diffusors, available in different sizes, are small works of art that stand out against the inimitable marble top. They can be produced, by request, in Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato, Bianco Carrara or Portoro marble.