Cristina Rubinetterie, between brand continuity and international growth

Historical Italian company in the sanitary sector, founded in 1947 by Ezio Cristina, Cristina Rubinetterie has been part of the Caleffi Group since 2017, a leader in the production of components for heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems. An operation aimed at guaranteeing the continuity of the brand and its growth at an international level. Daniele Mazzon, general manager of the brand, tells us about it.

Cristina Rubinetterie represents one of the leading companies in the sanitary sector. In 2020 you initiated important changes, which were the most significant?

We started a process of relaunching the brand, redesigning the logo and working on a new image, a new catalog and the launch of new products. To this was added the refreshing of the showroom in via Pontaccio in Milan. The goal: to give the company greater visibility on national and international markets. Furthermore, we have updated the graphics, the contents of the website and made the video “Cristina Rubinetterie_Behind the scenes”, which tells about the four production plants and introduces the many processes.

What is the value of the corporate identity project you have launched?

We started from a strong corporate identity to which we wanted to add contemporaneity. The logo identifies the brand and values ​​of the company, we have kept the salient features: name and yellow square, to which we have added a payoff that identifies Made in Italy and product sector on international markets.

How is Cristina Rubinetterie positioned on the markets and what projects does she have in mind?

We work daily to consolidate our position and expand our presence on foreign markets. The project is to communicate our strengths (design, production, quality and innovation) and launch new products to satisfy customers with different tastes and needs.

What is the company's commitment to sustainability?

For us, the search for quality is a strategic objective that sees us engaged in the search for excellent, ecological raw materials, with extraordinary technical performance and resistant over time. An example of this is the use, since 2003, of stainless steel (guaranteed by the quality mark issued by Centro Inox) to which we have dedicated an entire part of the list proposal. An ideal solution for bathroom and kitchen products that stands out for being highly hygienic, easy to clean and eco-friendly, as more than 80% is obtained from recycling, reducing the environmental impact.

Cristina Rubinetterie and design: do you have any previews for 2021?

We are working on the novelties of 2021 that will complement and strengthen the products presented in 2020, we are waiting for you in the Milan showroom or follow us on the web.