The magazine Interni presents the fourth webinar of the series of Café della Stampa encounters at Cersaie.
Gilda Bojardi, the editor of Interni, introduces the contribution of Filippo Taidelli, architect, on 22 October at 14.00.

During the critical phase of Covid-19 the nurses in an American hospital decided, through their own initiative, to wear a photo portrait on a cord around their necks. Their reasoning was that patients being assisted by people whose faces were covered by masks, caps (and often glasses) would be comforted to see the face of the human being behind all the protective gear. At the start of July, for a man who had been in intensive care for months without showing signs of improvement, the head physician of a hospital in Brescia did something rather unorthodox: he brought in the man’s wife for a visit. The patient recovered strength and was soon cured. In both cases, these professionals ‘designed’ a solution, above and beyond the rules dictated by science, also based on instinct, in the conviction that sick people need treatments, hygiene and efficiency, but also human relations and affections.

The world of design, above all in spaces for healthcare, has concentrated mostly on the sanitizing of places, the efficiency of systems, on new technologies (at best), while overlooking the importance and benefits that can be offered to patients, doctors, healthcare professionals and visitors by a place that is not only functional from a technical standpoint, but also takes emotional values into account.

For the architect Filippo Taidelli, the guest of Interni at the appointment of Caffè della Stampa at Cersaie (22/10/2020 h. 14.00), designing spaces for care and therapy is a fundamental mission. The harmonious relationship between volumes, the connections between environments, the spaces for waiting, the importance of light – both natural and artificial – as well as colors and materials, are just some of the factors that can grant quality to buildings all too often constructed as “non-places,” to use the term coined by Marc Augé. Starting with hospitals, but not only hospitals. There are virtuous examples, such as the recent Emergency Hospital 19 designed by Taidelli for Humanitas in Milan; there are paths that can be followed, because now we are all aware of the value good design can have for therapy and wellness.

The webinar happens in live streaming on the Zoom channel of Cersaie. To take part, you can register for the encounter at the following link.