Scrap from the processing of marble now gives rise to the brand Heart Radiators, offering heating equipment with an intelligent heart. Patented technology 100% Made In Italy, sustainable production for a design collection that permits total personalization

From the experience of PGL-Factory, an industrial firm specializing in products made with scrap from the processing of marble, the brand Heart Radiators has been created, as a practically infinite collection of radiators with an “intelligent” heart.

The units – with different aesthetic interpretations – are based on a special patented ecological blend of various granular powder sizes, derived from the processing of Italian marble, bonded with a special acrylic resin (non-toxic and water-soluble). The result is an extremely ductile compound that ‘takes form’ by pouring in silicone molds, hardening at room temperature without the need for ulterior use of energy.

The creation of the compound and the silicone mold, the cold pouring and drying of the panels, the assembly and packaging all take place at the PGL-Factory production site. A zero-km process that is also made possible by the suppliers of the radiant elements inserted directly in the body of the stone during molding, also designed, produced and assembled by local companies. An authentic Italian design product.