After almost twenty years, Hausbrandt rewrites its image

After nearly 20 years, Hausbrandt rewrites its image, relying on the experience of the agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann of Vienna: a change that communicates authoritative quality and a strong innovative thrust.

The company writes a new, energizing chapter in its sector of reference: the world of excellent coffee. The way the brand is perceived has evolved, making the packaging even more precious and transmitting awareness of content of the highest quality.

The look becomes more Central European and the mood of the brand evolves without losing its original identity.

The basic features are still the slanted lettering and the coffeepot, organized in the essential context of a pure, minimal style: characteristics that suggest the solidity and tradition of a brand with over a century of history, a true reference point for the world of coffee.

Hausbrandt has developed an innovative architecture of the product based on careful study of color which plays a fundamental role, for the immediate perception of a unique position on the market. The different coffee varieties are matched with colors to make the type of aroma clearly recognizable, associated with a specific taste.

The new identity is the embodiment of a true lifestyle for people who appreciate flavor and taste, and see coffee as an expression of culture, art and design.

The new brand identity, which made its official debut during SIGEP – the international trade show of artisan gelato, pastry, bakery and the world of coffee, will be applied to all online and offline communication materials, in a gradual strategic program across the course of the year.