Symphonica Smart Sound: more than just a lamp. The technology that brings music to life in Makris lighting design is born

Music can transform every moment into an extraordinary moment. In the office, at home, in smart working hours, in moments of leisure: the notes of a melody stimulate creativity and promote concentration, freeing the mind from stress. Lighting, combined with sound, allows you to shape unique atmospheres, elevating the comfort of environments. From the search for new combinations between visual and sound art, Symphonica Smart Sound was born, integrated audio technology developed by Makris - Imoon brand specialized in concept unprecedented in design lighting. With Symphonica Smart Sound, the attention to detail that characterizes every creation of the brand is expressed through new expressive languages ​​thanks to which music becomes a piece of furniture.

A synthesis of performance, functionality and style, Makris lamps satisfy the desire to customize environments with multifunctional design objects with a high aesthetic value, thanks to the cable-free wi-fi connection system. The design, designed by the Makris team, makes any external aid superfluous: the internal speaker, equipped with bluetooth, allows you to manage the playback of your favorite songs directly from your smartphone, with which you can also adjust the volume of the music.

Five models that Makris has chosen to enhance with the state-of-the-art sound system: Wayd, a floor lamp characterized by clear-cut geometries, which give it a refined and slender aesthetic. Bollicina, Baby, Lady and Sphera, pendant lamps in which a bass reflex system amplifies and further improves the sound quality.