Developed for Eclisse by the young Marches-based designers Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli, Eclisse 40 Collection is the first anodized aluminium frame that creates a sense of depth, enhancing the door like a picture frame

The frame emerges from the wall, forming a sign, a feature that invites you to cross the threshold. On one side it generates a 40-degree splay, while on the other it conserves the discretion of a flush-mounted model that can be painted to match the wall, or finished with wallpaper.

Available in the colors pale bronze, dark bronze, graphite bronze and in the raw version with primer, Eclisse 40 Collection offers models for one or two leaves, in the push or pull, left or right versions. Based on the concept of the new Eclisse frame, the same designers have also created the 40+uno handle for Mandelli1953.

Featuring clean, decisive lines, 40+uno stands out for its frontally and laterally tapered form, bending inward, and for the 40-degree angle of the tip that echoes the angle of the Eclisse 40 Collection frames.