The social project of Dorelan puts creativity, production scrap and social inclusion into circulation. To grant new life to production waste, to invent creative and original projects and to offer an opportunity of employment to fragile and disadvantaged people

Starting in 2017, the initiative calls for the reuse of fabrics and materials from mattresses and beds of the Romagna-based company that are now transformed into a collection of 6 different product types, ready for the market. Each creation is the result of teamwork in which Dorelan is joined by CavaRei, a social enterprise that coordinates educational and productive services in the Forlì area, and the ‘Sistema Moda’ of the Istituto Tecnico Saffi-Alberti of Forlì.

I’m A Dreamer Sogno_Riciclo_Creo represents an incubator of ideas that assigns value to all the people involved, offering support for the local economy. The protagonists are 45 students of the superior school Saffi-Alberti, with a focus on the world of fashion, who have taken part thanks to a work-study program. Dorelan has assigned them the task of creating prototypes for the bedroom zone, using scrap materials made available by the company, in line with the technical-operative constraints of production and processes of industrialization.

Among the 20 prototypes, 6 have been selected and sent to CavaRei for serial manufacture, with the aim of offering new employment opportunities to favor the inclusion of disabled or disadvantaged people.

To date, 6 models have been made by hand: the Olvidar bag, the Queen bag, the La La Ball cushion, the Viju phone recharge case, the Puppy pet cot and the Neve packaged hotel room slippers.

Starting in October 2019 the products become part of the Dorelan family: they will be sold in over 20 monobrand stores of the company. Through their purchase, everyone can contribute to promote I’m a Dreamer and to spread its presence on the market.