An intelligent, sustainable workplace: the new Innovation Center of Elmec Informatica at Brunello (VA)

A true hub for companies that want to combine digitalization and sustainability. A smart building with high standards of energy efficiency. The technological partners Everynet and Elmec Solar have handled the aspects of automation, the installation of the photovoltaic system and the LED lighting.

The new building at Via Campo di Maggio in Brunello (VA), in the heart of the industrial area at the gates of Varese, stands on a lot of 3250 square meters with a total floorspace of 2200, organized on two levels. It becomes a workplace for 200 employees of Elmec.

The smart building features an automation system for support of the company headquarters. It will contain part of the innovative enterprise ecosystem of Elmec Group (Elmec Informatica, Elmec Solar, Everynet, Eolo), which for over 45 years has operated in the digital development of the territory and the internationalization of Italian businesses.

Entirely automated, the building makes it possible to speed up and streamline services and activities: the bio-adaptive lighting controls intensity levels and color temperature in meeting rooms, to improve performance, while noise sensors installed in the common areas indicate when tolerable noise levels have been surpassed. CO2 detectors permit automatic settings of the building’s aeration systems.