A house in Puglia based on shades of white and luminous spaces

All in glowing white, the House SL in Puglia is based on clear geometric forms projecting outward. Designed by Piertito Cardillo Studio, the space is literally flooded with natural light thanks to the large openings of the internal patio.

The area of 350 m2, on a single level, permits modular subdivisions of the spaces, with spaces of variable size.

The system of doors makes it possible to expand the private spaces for various needs, bringing a sensation of great freedom. The doors can be hidden, and like the compact white volumes they repeat in each room, creating a leitmotif that matches the custom furnishings.

For the faucets, the pure contemporary lines of products by Cea have been chosen by the clients. In particular, for the bathrooms they have selected: Asta + Free Ideas / Ast20S + Frei4S, the countertop washstand mixer that emits a veil of water, in AISI 316L brushed stainless steel, and the Giotto collection (Gio58S + Mil90WS / Gio39S + Fre54S + Dos04S), a set of faucets for showers and washstands in brushed AISI 316L stainless steel.

Photo - Marcello Altamura