Interni Café at Café della Stampa - Cersaie - BolognaFiere - Centro Servizi - Agorà dei Media Wednesday 25 September - 12.00 The architect Cino Zucchi in conversation with Gilda Bojardi, Editor of Interni, on the value of facades and their interaction with surrounding space

Milan-based architect Cino Zucchi, founder of the studio CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti, converses with Gilda Bojardi, Editor of Interni Magazine, on the theme of Ceramic identity: surfaces and architectural design. The conversation focuses on the relationship between the cladding of a new building and the environmental context. In particular, ceramic materials and brick, used by Zucchi in many recent projects for their aesthetic and ecosustainable qualities.

According to Zucchi, contemporary architecture often intervenes in historically stratified places, with buildings originally constructed for a context very different from the present one. The job of architecture is thus to interpret the necessities of the present while respecting the multiplicity of styles with which it establishes a dialogue.

This is why in the design of a building, urban or extra-urban, there is the need to evaluate the importance of the facade in terms of expression, form, finish and materials. This does not always happen; often we are confronted by a banal take on the concept of the genius loci. And all too often cities that have substantial differences from one another are seen as being very similar.

To be able to design in a way that is respectful of places, it is fundamental to activate the faculty of listening, making it possible to intercept the differences and qualities of the site. Only in this way can one intervene in an innovative way and establish an effective dialogue between past and present.