Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for the new Ravelli stoves

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba have chosen Ravelli to interpret fire through a contemporary vision of the society and the needs of people, with a particular accent on functional quality and products that last in time, connecting past and future.

The Square and HRV 160 Design stoves have understated, minimal lines, assigning the flame an iconic value, as in traditional domestic settings. Slim shapes, handles redesigned and rendered invisible to let the form and character of the pieces come to the fore.

The square footprint in steel with a glass front, for Square, and glass cladding for HRV 160 Design, which with the Hydro system permits heating of the home while also providing hot water. A Wi-Fi device permits local and remote automation.

Created for limited spaces, in 2020 the company will release the HRV Silhouette with upper venting, a hermetically sealed structure (an innovative feature for water stoves) and well-proportioned design.