Python Black granite by Antolini adds precious style to an elegant contemporary kitchen

Interpreted by Antolini, the kitchen environment takes on unusual aesthetic impact. Refinement, elegance, mystery and dynamism are the main characteristics of a kitchen space enhanced by Python Black granite.

With its shiny black ink-like patterns interrupted by outbursts of white and gray shadings, this natural stone clads floors in the entire area. The patterns of Python Black, variable and unique precisely because they are natural, also cover the cooking block, extending to the adjacent vertical wall.

The furnishing component in a neutral color is completed at the side by a long vertical slab, also in in Python Black, that concludes the kitchen area in the direction of the living room. Along this passage, a work of art has been placed to suggest delicate floral motifs, indicating the pathway to the living zone. The kitchen thus becomes an abstract place, a theatrical setting in which to perform the everyday rituals of food, meals and convivial existence.

Enveloping and hypnotic, the patterns of natural Python Black stone suggest the dark elegance of python skin, transmitting an atmosphere of primitive charm. Pale, fluent and chaotic features run across a uniform background of black, adding dynamism to this exceptional material.