Furniture that blends into the surroundings Time&Style Amsterdam – Marnixstraat 148 - Until 18 August 2019 Lecture by Kengo Kuma, Friday 26 July 2019 – 18.00

Much more than simply furniture that blends into the surroundings – these are light, delicate tables and chairs. Elegant pieces that have a supporting role, never trying to steal the scene. The protagonists are instead people, food, drinks, whatever brings life to an environment. To respect and organize any space, the individual pieces are as minimal as possible.

Though the architecture of Kengo Kuma is famous all over the world, few people know that he designs nearly all the furnishings utilized inside his buildings. This is the first European exhibition of the furnishings he has created for his architectural projects over the last ten years, marketed by Time & Style.

Through history great architects have designed buildings, interiors and furnishings as parts of an overall whole. Kuma prefers to create his furnishings from scratch, with design that investigates the Japanese lifestyle, with its traditional tools and techniques. Reinterpreting Japanese culture and crafts, Kuma creates exceptional pieces of contemporary design.