Kettal replicates the pavilion of the attic of the VDL Research House, the residence in Los Angeles designed by Richard Neutra himself in 1963

Kettal launches a replica of the attic pavilion of the VDL Research House, the home in Los Angeles of modernist architect Richard Neutra, a work from 1963 in which he expressed all his architectural theories, including that of biorealism, which underlines the relationship between architecture and health.



Kettal has created the VDL Penthouse on just one level, measuring 12x4 m, to be the direct replica of the attic perched atop the residence Richard Neutra built for himself in Los Angeles, originally in 1932. The replica conserves the original layout.



It is also presented as an open version, without glass, known as the VDL Pavilion and featuring diaphanous interior.


The construction techniques and materials have been updated under the supervision of Richard’s son, Dion Neutra.

A home automation system has also been developed to control lighting, air conditioning and heating.

The two prototypes have been installed on a property in the hills of Los Angeles, on a concrete patio next to two swimming pools.


Both structures have been designed to be ordered and installed in a wide range of spaces, such as gardens and roofs, and as part of existing properties.