There is all the poetry, cultured and whispered, of Ron Gilad in the kitchen designed – and colored – for a Milanese railing house. Inspired by Mark Rothko's painting ‘Orange and Yellow‘, GP Kitchen has all the ‘ingredients’, dosed with wisdom and meticulousness, to become a work of art. With retro details

Welcomed in a niche lit by brushstrokes of yellow and red, the kitchen designed by Ron Gilad for a railing house in the Isola district of Milan has the pure and minimal lines that distinguish its stylistic, cultured and sophisticated style. The clear and precise geometric shapes appear at the same time whispered and evanescent.

To make the environment designed  and colored  by Ron Gilad alive and lived are the details, materials and shades with retro references and analogue backgrounds: ingredients dosed with wisdom and meticulousness, inspired by a work of art with flaming colors.

“Even if personally I rarely cook, I appreciate food” explains the designer born in Tel Aviv and living in New York. “Talented people around me produces edible artifacts in that room which, in addition to having a good taste, have an aesthetic similar to art; materials as ingredients, preparation needs good craftsmanship and the client must be very demanding. As I am.”.

GP Kitchen was designed as a kingdom of colors” tell Ron Gilad. “A space which is a framed Mark Rothko painting, hung on the dining room wall and allows you to enter into its guts. Orange and Yellow, his famous painting, was appropriated  and became the main color palette. With the help of Quadrodesign's special finishes, we managed to incorporate also the faucet to be part of the  painting”.

For the kitchen, the tap of the Levo series manufactured in AISI316L stainless steel with the special finish – warm and at the same time precious  PVD rose gold finish was chosen.

Like the clean lines of GP Kitchen, the shape and functionality of the Levo tap are skinned to the bone, transforming the product into a timeless, essential piece of furniture. The simple – yet mechanically advanced – activation represents in its purest form the foundation of project.

According to the brand philosophy, Levo was designed with respect of the environment. The progressive cartridge reduces the use of the boiler reducing money waste, the aerator helps reducing the water flow, and the stainless steel AISI316L is a fully recyclable, toxic-free material, and resistant to saline environments.

An essential kitchen, a work of art, framed and hung like a painting, in which to immerse yourself. With a little imagination, some retro domestic objects and with all the pure, simple but cerebral elegance of Ron Gilad.