A residential complex conceived as a traditional rural settlement but with contemporary stylemes, has been completed with a service building featuring a functional shutter by Hörmann

In Parma, since 2004 Azienda Agricola Trussardi has produced lavender, a plant typical of the Mediterranean area, utilized in herbal remedies and other functions. The headquarters is also the residence of the family of the founder, who together with her husband has designed the entire project.

The agricultural activity goes along with our professional activities,” says Sarah Trussardi. “We began the cultivation of officinal plants 14 years ago, and today we produce only lavender, since it is the cultivar that adapts best to the local environmental conditions, and is much in demand on the market. Over time we have also built our residence, the barchessa (a small workshop for the production of essential oils, the drying of plants and warehousing of finished products) and, lastly, a service building that functions as a garage and a toolshed.”

Inside the courtyard, oriented in keeping with the traces of the Roman centuriation that has formed the grid of the territory in Parma for centuries, the buildings have a uniform architectural image in terms of forms and materials, inspired by the local tradition but full of decidedly contemporary constructive solutions.

The project links back to and reworks the typical rural typologies of the plains of Parma,” Sarah Trussardi continues, “making the residence the pivot of the entire complex: the house is in a central position with respect to the open courtyard, faced at the sides by the barchessa and the toolshed.”

The composition reflects a poised stylistic balance, where the shutter used to close the service building stands out. The building is used to store machinery, tools and automobiles; it has simple lines and large openings, and is free of internal load-bearing structures. Painstaking research was conducted to select the best product to use for the large door, immediately discarding the idea of sectional doors due to the large span, and because the internal facing of the roof was unsuitable for the attachment of the mechanisms.

With the help of Metalbi a roller shutter produced by Hörmann has been selected, with high-quality technical finishing, combined with an ample lateral pedestrian door. During the warm months or when groups of students visit the facility, the shutter and door are practically always open, and the shed becomes a true open cabin, lightening up the visual impression of the whole.