The Huo collection by Medea 1905 was conceived by the Chinese designer Steve Leung for moments dedicated to well-being and self-care
On a global level, perhaps in response to the frenetic pace of contemporary living, more and more importance is given to moments dedicated to well-being and personal regeneration. In offices, hotels and spas, taking tea has thus become the paradigm of taking care of oneself.

From these suggestions ancient and oriental, relaxing and ritual the Huo collection by Medea 1905 is born. Presented at the latest edition of Design Shanghai, the line dedicated to the tea ceremony was created by Chinese designer Steve Leung.

The choice of the Brianza-based company to entrust Steve Leung with the design and development of the collection was also born thanks to the (happy) collaboration relationship started with the design of the Medea flagship store in Shanghai in 2018.

Made of precious materials and cared for in every detail, the refined collection dedicated to tea time responds to an international request in the contract sector, especially hospitality, nautical but also residential: the reference market segments for the Brianza-based company that stands out for the high quality craftsmanship of its work.

In the video Steve Leung tells the reasons that led him to collaborate with Medea to create a special collection curated and curative of which he reveals the concept that guided the design development.

“After my project for Medea's flagship store in Shanghai in 2018, I was thrilled to start a new one with the talented Medea team” tells Steve Leung. “As the first Chinese designer to collaborate with the Italian company, I wanted to create something unique and with an Asian touch. I realized that it was not easy to find contemporary furniture for tea rooms, so I immediately came up with the idea: to create a series of furnishings and accessories that could reflect the lifestyle of today's Chinese consumers, but that could also adapt to interiors with a different style; all made using the extraordinary craftsmanship of Medea.

“I called the collection Huo (和) which in Chinese literally means harmonious” explains the designer. “Its aesthetics can be described by the ancient Chinese principle of Balanced harmony between man and nature, central element also in the rituals of the tea ceremony. There is a popular saying in China that says 以茶交友、以茶待客, We meet new friends and offer guests a cup of tea and that perfectly explains how and how much tea is a key element to connect and entertain people”.

And he adds “As a tribute to the centuries-old history of Medea 1905, Huo is also inspired by the concentric pattern of the growth ring that indicates the age of a tree”.

“In terms of colors and materials we have selected the rich texture of sycamore wood chosen in gray tones for all Huo tea tables, embellished by the opulence of Emperador marble and the elegant metallic bronze finish that convey a contemporary mood.

“Huo Collection encourages moments of blissful serenity, to be enjoyed alone or with loved ones” concludes Steve Leung. “Now more than ever, I believe it is necessary to shape environments that are human-centered, beautiful and functional, to allow ourselves relaxing breaks from our hectic lives”.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Design!