A pattern is a “motif, design, configuration, model.” A perfect term for the mutable atmospheres produced by the interaction of light and its favorite material, glass.

This is the meaning behind the DecorFlou Design project developed for OmniDecor by Nexus Designs, featuring the creation of four patterns inspired by three-dimensional effects.

Diamond Facets: based on the facets of precious stones, Diamond Facets is ideal for use in commercial or residential spaces where privacy is a must.

Arrow Pleats: a dynamic pattern that creates an optical effect for use in many contexts; with a satin finish on extra-clear glass, ideal for situations requiring privacy.

Circle Royale: observed from different angles, the thin intersecting circles are like a mirage, with a hypnotic decorative effect.

Square Gradient: a game of squares out of alignment becomes the theme of this pattern. Transparent and opaque zones create a dynamic outcome of great emotional impact.