The Euro3plast brand Plust Collection project, investigates the plastic possibilities of the material by presenting a new vision of the concept of king size vase, furniture and light that starts from the arrangement in the environment: all projects can be used both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Fade by Plust Collection is a family of furnishings with a vibrant surface and special finishes that restore the effect of natural materials such as stone and granite. With Fade it is possible to create corners of well-being: lamps that illuminate armchairs, stools, sofas and tables. Design objects that are thought beyond form. A style chosen by anyone who wants to love themselves.

All products are made of polyethylene resistant to shocks and thermal changes and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Particular is the Whitelight color that traces the natural stone and which, when illuminated from the inside with the special lighting kit, transforms the object into a decorative lamp.

Equally characteristic is the small cascade of light given by the Fade table lamp. Offered in ten different colors, the lamp is rechargeable and has an autonomy of eighteen hours. All products are finished by hand and are the result of the best made in Italy.