A site-specific installation fills the Fondaco dei Tedeschi with hidden references and historical messages, updated with humor

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS, Venice

From 8 May to 24 November

The lifestyle department store in Venice presents La regola del sogno. An installation by Barnaba Fornasetti and Valeria Manzi, a site-specific artwork that permeates the entire facility from the fourth floor to the courtyard to the canal access.

Amidst female faces, irreverent monkeys and hands, the installation establishes a dialogue with the spaces of the host environment, playing with its historical characteristics.

The work of the creative duo Barnaba Fornasetti and Valeria Manzi draws on the historic density of Fondaco dei Tedeschi to produce a hypnotic, disturbing play of images.


An imaginative explosion that recombines historic symbols in a playful way: memory vibrates and is renewed through individual experience.