Letizia Battaglia - Tano D’Amico - Uliano Lucas Torre del Castello dei Vescovi di Luni , Castelnuovo Magra 13 July - 13 October 2019

For the first time together in an exhibition, three great Italian photographers: Letizia Battaglia, Tano D’Amico and Uliano Lucas, curated by the association Archivi della Resistenza of Fosdinovo, Massa, at Torre del Castello dei Vescovi di Luni at Castelnuovo Magra.

Through 20 images for each photographer, the show narrates an important part of Italian history, and more: from the period of student protests to the present, a sort of autobiography of the nation for observers equipped with anthropological curiosity, will to avoid denying the contradictions, ready to grasp a latent sense of humanity.

Battaglia, D’Amico and Lucas are “street photographers” who know how to capture a society in transformation, and the infinite possibilities of relation provided by the street. A place despised and idolized, seen as opportunity and growth but also as the last outpost of the least advantaged.

During the exhibition there is also a program of conferences, films and workshops.