Born from the creative passion of Stefania Vazzoler, the Laesse artisan ceramic workshop offers a family of seven vases, called Mademoiselle: by putting one element next to another, one has the impression of seeing a group of young women intent on chatting to each other

Everywhere I take inspiration for each new piece. The inspiration then becomes an idea and it is at that moment that I pick up the clay and leave, still without knowing where or when I will stop”. With these words, the ceramist Stefania Vazzoler, founder of the Laesse brand, describes the creative process, passionate and unstoppable, at the origin of her products.

For over ten years, Stefania Vazzoler has been modeling and painting by hand in her farmhouse in Oderzo, immersed in the Treviso countryside. Her journey begins in the workshop of master Luigi Cillo (1920-2011), painter, sculptor and ceramist from whom she learns to love and shape the material.

“It was not an easy collaboration”, explain Stefania Vazzoler, “it certainly gave me the passion for ceramics and taught me to grasp and cultivate the emotions that express the products I create. After working in her workshop, I tested myself with other professions. The spark struck in 2009, when I picked up all the teachings of the teacher and began to think like him: the past has become my future, playing a job. The change of pace immediately brought concrete results: after a short time my creations were noticed and appreciated”.

After having started making small-scale artifacts  plates, cups, bowls and other objects for everyday life  with simple shapes and soft colors, the collaboration with architects and designers, in particular with RMDesignStudio, has allowed Stefania to refine her creations , expanding its scope to that of design. The objects have become lighter and thinner, the shapes purer and more essential, the surfaces wider and more generous. The shades have expanded: they tell of earth, water and fire. Matter, lines and colors come together in a sophisticated balance.

In addition to producing unique pieces, Laesse offers a new collection consisting of about twenty terracotta pieces, finished with water-based glaze, which Stefania Vazzoler has carefully selected from the over 60 prototypes she has made in the last three years. They are all pieces of furniture "to be used with maximum freedom", she is keen to emphasize the ceramist.

They are vases, because they can contain flowers, branches and other decorative elements, but they can also live alone or combined in groups. They are furnishing objects, whose identity is given by the shape, each time unique, modeled by hand by Stefania, and whose nature is generous and versatile: they adapt to the needs of those who choose them.

In the 2021 Collection, a family made up of seven vases stands out among others. She was called Mademoiselle because, putting one element next to the other, she gets the impression of seeing a group of young women chatting to each other.