Fluid spaces, agile work and a digital approch in a historic building in Bologna enlivened with color. In the new offices of an Instagram Marketing Agency, the Rococo style dialogues with the linear and functional design by Lapalma

Then to conclude talking to you about Bologna, I can say that people lived there then and always live there harmoniously, generously, easily making friendships, and with festive gatherings”. This is how Ippolito Nievo described the Emilian city in his novel entitled Le Confessioni di un Italiano. The spaces of the new Bologna-based office of Garage Raw, a content and digital marketing agency specialised in creating visual strategies and content, express a playful spirit and ideas.

The digital agency has chosen Lapalma as its furnishing partner for its new headquarters hosted in one of the most historical buildings in the city, the 18th century Palazzo Aldrovandi Montanari, which has barrel-vaulted ceilings and baroque-style windows. “We wanted to create a contrasting interplay, bringing together Rococo style and the timeless, linear design of Lapalma” explains Davide Pretto, Sales & Digital Strategist at Garage Raw. “Furniture plays a very prominent role, when the environment you work in meets your needs, makes you feel good and encourages a more proactive approach”.

A vision enterily shared by Lapalma who, among reference spaces researched by artistic director Francesco Rota, includes the Light Office, a design world expressing the new methods and needs of work that is always based on flexibility, fluid spaces and well-being.

“The digital revolution has changed the way we live and work, suggesting that we design highly versatile furniture” explains Romano Marcato, founder and owner of Lapalma along with his brother Dario. “We have transformed versatility into a powerful, recognisable yet light project in order to meet the new needs of professional spaces in the home, a place for meeting, movement and reflection”. This has led to products and systems that perfectly suit the third millennium, offering extraordinarily consistent and versatile solutions, to furnish the open-space office and effortlessly organise it. Some of these furnish the new spaces of Garage Raw.

The agency, which has grown remarkably in recent years, immediately chose a work method based on working from home, and a non-hierarchical office, without specific workstations or fixed hours. In this space, staff can meet for discussions, use tools that help the workflow, simply have a coffee, or hold meetings and brainstorming sessions, even late in the evening over a glass of wine.

The new office is symbolically divided according to colours. Visitors receive an invigorating welcome at the entrance, with two classic Lapalma lounges: the Add modular system and versatile Kipu poufs in red and burgundy.

The adjacent spacious and official meeting room has a more understated tone. In the middle, it hosts a modular and stylish Acca table for the contemporary office, chosen here in an elegant black open pore lacquered version and equipped with Cut chairs on castors.

The most operational area welcomes the team to a dynamic environment, with no fixed workstations in order to encourage discussion and creative interaction: an electrified version of the Brunch table, extends through the space with its candid white appeal, offering to accommodate digital nomads. Red has been chosen, yet again, in the space reserved for the legal office, where the Add system is predominant. This project combines the modular collection of Add chairs, Add T tables and Add S storage units in a single furnishing concept, skilfully meeting the needs of modern work spaces.

Lastly, a fluid yellow environment with no individual workstations is reserved for the founding members so they can work and discuss privately. Flexible, informal and non-hierarchical, this space hosts the soft shapes of a Plus modular sofa and Pass chairs, with their undulating profile, on castors. They are arranged around square white Add T desks.