To sample mineral water, the best choice is a fine crystal glass. The main characteristics of a water glass is transparency and the material with which it is made should not reflect light, offering a clear view of the bright content. The material should be shaped to the desired form without altering these properties.

Fine lead glass or crystal responds to these needs, and can be worked to take on a wide range of forms. The ideal form to enjoy all the nuances of taste and appearance of water can vary: a still water like Acqua Panna is best enjoyed in a flared glass, while the perlage of San Pellegrino is enhanced by a glass that narrows a bit towards the top.

H2D’O, the glass designed by Davide Oldani to enhance water, was recently the protagonist of an event at Meritalia, via Durini 23, to kick off the cycle “Design Meets Food. Milano Meets the World.” A single glass developed for the tasting of still water (thanks to the curved part that releases the most delicate shadings of flavor) and sparkling water (thanks to the straight part that creates the right distance between the nose and the bubbles). Inspired by Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino, the glass is made by Schoenhuber Franchi.