Thin and imperceptible, connected in every space: Arké Fit is the new Vimar plate from the Arké series

Fit is the new Vimar plate, the thinnest in the Arké range. Thanks to its slim profile of just 4.9 mm in thickness, it can be inserted on any wall in a light and imperceptible way, offering a perfect flush-mounted result. Its light form enhances spaces, adapting to the style of every building and blending with every context of architecture or interior design.

Made in metal, Arké Fit can be combined with switches and controls in anthracite gray, white or Metal, the new color with a warm metallic effect, also to formulate a total look. The traditional finishes of coated and crafted metal are joined by three new plate colors: Sabbia di Lipari, Tortora and Terra di Siena. Pastel hues and pale shades, for simple, delicate combinations. As many as 11 different finishes are available, to respond to all stylistic needs.

Besides the 200 functions from which to choose for the traditional system, Arké Fit is also smart. A wide range of digital solutions are available, to control the building via smartphone or with vocal commands; like those of the View Wireless devices that make it easy – without breaking into walls – to connect with the traditional electrical system, controlling it by using a smartphone or a vocal assistant. Or like the more complete options of the home automation systems, on the proprietary By-me Plus standard or the KNX standard, permitting centralization of functions while offering maximum personalization and easy system management.

Arké Fit also provides simple solutions for better living. Like the USB ports with a type C connector, the new technological standard used for powering and recharging the devices of the latest generation. Combined with the Quid magnetic relays, it is possible in a traditional system to control on-off functions of lights and to automate blinds, storing the preset preferred position.

The infrared switch turns lights on only when they are needed, when the presence of a person is detected, or when the sun goes down. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi access point enables users to bring web connectivity to the entire house, even where the signal of the Wi-Fi is weak, to ensure coverage for all rooms. To optimize climate control a touch-command chronothermostat is available with RGB backlighting, color coordinated with the controls.