Vimar solutions for a home on the promontory of Duino castle

Built in the fourteenth century, on the ruins of a Roman military outpost, the castle of Duino is a building full of history and traditions. A short distance from the promontory on which it stands, there is a house to be discovered. Once you cross the threshold, the entire south-west side overlooks the sea and the marina: large windows and French windows allow you to enjoy the view, while an outdoor terrace is a natural extension of the living area.

In a location where every aspect has been studied in detail, the management of the spaces has been entrusted to Vimar solutions. A choice dictated by the need to be able to manage every space in a simple and effective way. All functions can be controlled both centrally thanks to a Touch Screen, and room by room through home automation controls. Climate, lighting and sound system, video door entry system, anti-intrusion: everything is within reach of a touch or easily managed through dedicated commands.

For example, all the light points in the different rooms can be centrally controlled from the touch screen. As well as the sound system can be set. Radio, iPod, CD player, bluetooth: song selection can also be made via the system interface with other types of devices. Between the living area and the sleeping area there are different audio zones set up so that you can have a differentiated listening: rock music in the living room or the latest pop hit in the bedroom. The Vimar sound system is characterized by the fidelity of reproduction obtained thanks to the transport of the digital signal and the high quality of the loudspeakers.

If you want to associate music with a more suggestive atmosphere, just touch the Touch Screen and in a few moments you can call up, for each zone, a different combination of temperature, lighting and comfort, configured according to your needs. It is the "scenarios" function, which makes each environment customizable according to taste.

The solutions offered by Vimar were also chosen on the safety front. Specifically, the By-alarm anti-intrusion system which integrates with the By-me Plus home automation system guarantees total protection from possible break-ins. While the touch screen also acts as a video door entry unit, communicating with a Pixel external panel and offering a high definition image of whoever is at the entrance. In every environment, buttons and controls are equipped with plates from the Arké series, in different shapes and finishes: the Classic in polar total look and matt graphite, while the Round in matt bronze and chrome.