A project by Studiopepe on the archetypal power of symbols

The project Les Arcanistes - The Future is Un/Written by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto of Studiopepe presented during FuoriSalone 2019 in a former industrial space was esoteric, alchemic and divinatory

The installation investigated the close ties of material to the archetypal power of symbols. The Arcanistes were forerunners of chemists, who guarded secret knowledge of formulas to create porcelain and to work with glass and metals.


Inspired by the 21 figures of the Major Arcana, Studiopepe created an immersive itinerary in collaboration with many partners (including Tacchini, Ceramiche Bardelli, Atelier Areti, Baxter, Cassina, Cc-Tapis, Dedar, Paradisoterrestre), winding through design products, custom objects, reissues of historic pieces, art multiples and environmental installations.

The experience of Les Arcanistes took place in a sequence of spaces: the Vibrational Water Spring, the Materiotheque, the Alchemical Laboratory and the Society of Divination. Seductive aromas accompanied visitors along the way, along with original (and interactive) performances by a dancer and a diviner.

The space at Via Garofalo 24 in Milan is open by appointment for private events until the end of May 2019.