Three digital artists convey the discreet elegance of LG Signature home appliances through their visionary, mesmerizing 3D works that reveal a soft, enveloping side to technology and the art of wellbeing. Timeless wonder

Intuitive and performance-driven, the technology is increasingly state-of-the-art. But that doesn’t mean it’s cold or boring. On the contrary.

The ultra-premium LG Signature brand of home appliances perfectly conveys the digital trend’s enveloping, timeless mood. With it’s The Art of Essence project, LG has invited partnerships with digital artists, asking them to communicate the restrained elegance of its products – using their contemporary, minimalist lines and the electric brushstrokes of their stylistic languages – to convey the essential and the imagery-laden, the polish and color, that lend a softly immersive feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Santi Zoraidez, Peter Tarka and Andreas Wannerstedt envisioned sophisticated 3D works of art that best express the LG Signature philosophy: Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art.

Argentine designer and art director Santi Zoraidez crafted a series of works of art that showcases the beauty and simplicity of the LG Signature product lines. His art weaves together reality and digital scenes, in an interplay of visual associations that are a mind-trickery mingling of interior and exterior, nature and artifice.

Thanks to a penetrating sense of space, depth and light, the latest-generation LG Signature TV, air purifier and refrigerator are distinctive and yet, integrate seamlessly into settings with a natural, fresh, peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

The award-winning, global first 8K OLED TV is known for its unique full-immersion performance and high-resolution realism as well as its light and thin design. The ingenuity of Santi Zoraidez takes the nearly frame-free screen and blends it into a wonder-filled (but also realistic) scenic experience between the living room and a picturesque cove.

Strikingly vivid colors, sleek geometries in motion, spiced up with a touch of wit.

Famous for his direct, lively and engaging artistic style, Peter Tarka confounds reality and imagination in the works with which he interprets the LG Signature products. “Placing them center stage, I wanted to ‘transport’ the public into the installation in all its shapes and sizes. I particularly enjoyed the details and the feel of each product, which made the ‘transition’ more straightforward and effective,” explained the London-based 3D illustrator.

Captivated by the clean, handle-free design of the washing machine and air purifier and by the sophisticated simplicity of the 8K OLED TV, Tarka captured dynamic, playful images in motion, designed as film sets located in a surreal home.

Tarka constructed a space similar to a museum, where the LG Signature products are displayed, like works of art drawn from architecture and interior design.

Through the blending of simple geometrics and smooth lines, brilliant colors and textured materials, interplays of light and depth, the stylistic signature and intense energy of Tarka’s works for the LG Signature line debunks the stereotype of home appliances as cold, boring, ‘lifeless’ and, flying in the face of preconceived notions, dictates new, current – strictly 3D – trends for home living.

Abstract, subtle, almost metaphysical, even meditative interiors host sleek objects that evoke the often-overturned laws of physics.

Riveting, thanks to their rose-gold metallic sheen and the apparent absence of gravity. Andreas Wannerstedt fashioned two rotating cylinders, one positioned vertically and one horizontally, to epitomize the LG Signature washing machine’s two TwinWash and Dual Control wash drums.

The Swedish art director and 3D artist ‘strips down’ the appliance, reducing it to its most essential elements, showcasing its essence while highlighting its sophisticated minimalist design.

The lavish opus that personifies the 8K OLED TV merges with the unique texture of the very elegant continuous intense green of the surroundings; only an enormous pendulum is visible on the screen.