Freedhome is the system that disrupts traditional furnishing schemes based on the concept of separate, distinct spaces

Freedhome, the new total living “made in Caccaro,” dresses the home like a tailored garment and revolutionizes the traditional concept of the wall, no longer a mere structural element but a surface to be personalized, exploiting its latent potential as storage space.

The new system disrupts traditional decor schemes based on the concept of separate, distinct spaces; its modules thanks to innovative functional elements and complete adaptability of sizing, make “custom” into a standard available to all, for the furnishings of every area in the home: from the kitchen to the bedroom, the living area to the bathroom, all the way to the service spaces.

With Freedhome designers and architects, starting with 45 different modules, have total freedom to personalize every wall with infinite solutions, maximizing storage space and giving form to the most personal aesthetic needs, where light – thanks to the built-in systems – becomes the protagonist, transforming domestic space into pure emotion.

Total compositional freedom, not only in terms of sizes but also in terms of finishes: from the exclusive eucalyptus, oak and walnut for timeless elegance, to the avant-garde charm of lacquers, all the way to the internal finishes, ranging from titanium to glass, and various types of leather.