09 October, 2020 - 5,00pm
Interni Meeting Point, Istituto Marangoni, via Cerva 24, Milano

After the smart city and the smart web,light too becomes intelligent. We have lamps and bulbs that realize when we enter a room, that detect how many of us are there and where we are going, turning themselves off when we are no longer there. Lights that are controlled with an app from a smartphone, or a voice assistant; lights that brighten the most dangerous zones of the city, and revert into stand-by when no one passes, saving energy and costs for the public administration. Recently data and light have begun to travel together, through network cabling, with a strong impact on the form of the city and architecture, profoundly altering our conditions of life. This is the great opportunity for the design of smart lighting.

Moderator Donatella Bollani, journalist


Silvana Angeletti, Angeletti Ruzza Design
Born in Rieti, she is a designer and a dreamer. She represents the most poetic and romantic part of the group angelettiruzza design. She is able to observe the beauty of the project always keeping in mind its functionality.

Felice Limosani, digital lighting artist - ph. Massimo Listri
Internationally recognized artist, interpreter and innovator of Digital Humanities and expert in contemporary expressive languages. He works with the idea of integrating the humanities with digital culture, art and design to create new levels of perception, knowledge and sharing between people, technologies and experiences. His multidisciplinary studio based in Florence operates with the legal status of a Benefit Company, with the aim of creating unprecedented models for the enhancement of cultural heritage, also in support of social contexts and environmental sustainability. His works range from art installations to the construction of physical and virtual immersive environments to the curation of commissioned benefit projects. His site specific projects are requested in Italy and around the world by cultural institutions, museums, foundations, galleries and prestigious international brands.

Federico Palazzari, owner and CEO Nemo Lighting
Born in 1972, Federico Palazzari has attended the Morosini Naval School in Venice before graduating in law at the La Sapienza University of Rome. At twenty-five he was preparing for a career as a lawyer before meeting Ernesto Gismondi, founder of Artemide. He therefore immerses himself without hesitation in the world of design lighting. He joined Nemo in 2012, owned at the time by the Cassina Poltrona Frau group, and is since then the sole owner and CEO.

Carlo Urbinati, President Assoluce
Genoese by birth, after classical studies, he enrolled in the faculty of architecture in Rome. An interesting job offer brings him to Venice in 1981 to follow the orders for large contract projects of a newly born company: Foscarini. Since 1983, together with Alessandro Vecchiato, he has designed and developed the first line of standard lamps for Foscarini, creating over twenty collections. In 1988 they became partners and acquired the company. Direct management leads them to invest their energies in defining new strategies, consolidating Foscarini's identity as a design driven company, with an open mind to innovation and experimentation. In 2014 Carlo Urbinati became President and sole director of Foscarini and, almost forty years after the company was founded, he retains the same enthusiasm as he was in the beginning.