Lighting systems for a building with high energy efficiency

In Bochum (Germany) two superior schools have been joined in a single complex, with the goal of obtaining a new construction with high energy efficiency. The achievement involves the participation – among others – of the Linea Light Group as a partner for the lighting system. Light plays a decisive role in the costs of operation of a complex of this size, where the needs and expectations for quality lighting are very demanding. The project, done in collaboration with the studio Hascher Jehle Architektur of Berlin, makes daylight a protagonist, a difficult task that has multiple aspects which must be taken into consideration. In every zone of the building adequate lighting levels have been obtained without sacrificing energy savings: on the outside, where borders have been installed with Rabal RGB LEDs, as well as Spoon light poles for the parking area, and on the inside, with the Look metal halide spotlights and the Globo LED downlights. The complex has obtained “Green Building” certification, whose parameters set precise criteria of design and construction of healthful, energy-efficient buildings for low environmental impact. Info: