In the province of Vercelli, a sustainable single-family house created thanks to the imagination of a child and the skills of Rubner Haus

“A fairytale house.” This was the idea of the daughter of the owners of a single-family home of about 220 m2 built in the province of Vercelli in just 8 weeks by Rubner Haus, with design by the architect Federico Fiorio, respecting the environment and the architectural traditions of the zone, based on a spirit of sober simplicity.

“To make the magical house imagined by our daughter – says Francesco Perron, the owner – the choice could only go to bioconstruction in wood: an age-old model that is combined with innovative construction systems to ensure energy efficiency, sustainability and security, all fundamental factors in our project.”

With a classic double-pitched roof, a central structure of 170 m2 and a smaller one beside it of about 120 m2 for the garage, laundry, heating system and storage, the house is organized on two levels: on the ground floor, the living area open to the kitchen contains a staircase in oak and glass, leading to the three bedrooms and double bathroom of the upper level. The house is very luminous thanks to glazings with views of the flower and vegetable gardens.

“The building has a load-bearing structural frame that combines classic, timeless styling with innovative construction systems, complying with the highest standards of quality and balanced energy consumption,” says the engineer Daniel Gasser of Rubner Haus. "The frame technique has been in use for centuries, and permits low energy consumption with ideal levels of thermal insulation.”