Curated by Alessandro Romanini – until 30 April 2020 - Marca Museo Delle Arti, Catanzaro

The exhibition is an important step in the research of Massimiliano Pelletti and offers the possibility of following a path marked by about thirty works from his production, with the debut of a series of sculptures created precisely for the spaces of the Marca Museum of Arts of Catanzaro.

The poetics of Massimiliano Pelletti feeds on a concept of classicism and tradition, as the inspiration, attitude and above all driving force of creative development, as Gustav Mahler said: “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but is the keeper of the flame.”

This spirit has led Pelletti, in recent years, to investigate the sculptural output of extra-European civilizations and to focus on African works, questioning their history and nature, aware of the existence of a concept of the classical even in these places, often developed parallel to that of our own culture.

The research of the Tuscany-based artist is not limited to a conceptual stage, but also has a formal aspect. In Pelletti’s works the classical takes on a very wide dimension, also thanks to the relationship with materials. Marble is rarely found in a pure state, instead replaced by other natural elements, most of which have seldom been explored in the world of sculpture: the challenge is to shape quartz, onyx, limestone and other stratified stones randomly combined in nature.

The idea of the classical is a red thread that always crosses Pelletti’s poetics. His artistic practice is full of surprises: some materials are very resistant, others very fragile, while others still reveal cavities or insertion of earth. Their working requires time, which the contemporary world is not always ready to provide.