Everyday, witty and accessible objects. Colorful, dynamic and pop furnishings and accessories, with an immediate language. Loopo is born, a playful made in Italy brand that offers a collection to live. Like the ceramic vases ‘La Luisa’, ‘La Gisella’ and ‘La Vilma’ which draw on the Milanese iconography of the ‘sciure‘

In a complicated moment, a vivid brand is born that presents itself in a metaphysical way.

Inclusive, personal and convivial, Loopo is a new Italian brand, endowed with the proverbial Milanese pragmatism. The result of a passionate creative process and a meticulous selection of quality materials, the collection of furniture and accessories proposed stands out for its timeless lines interpreted with contemporary colors and textures and patterns.

Loop presents an everyday and spontaneous design, able to enter the people's life (real and lived) thanks to its immediate language. A quality design, made by expert Italian craftsmen and accessible, in use and in price.

The idea is by Marco Lupo, a young Milanese entrepreneur who always dreamt of a collection to live in and around rather than a museum-like display: “I have been living and breathing design since I was 7. To me it always felt natural to walk into a space and observe the furniture. And every time it felt like something was missing; most houses looked beautiful but hardly ever felt lived in. That is what spurred me to come up with an alternative based on colour and movement, interpreted through shapes and fabrics selected to be used and seamlessly fit with traditional furniture and hyperdesign alike”.

“From your friends to your aunt” is the perfect synthesis to express the soul of the brand that encompasses the Italian spirit, play and that convivial approach ready to welcome any person into their home.

Among all the authentic and witty furnishing elements, the collection of ceramic vases that the artist Jimmy D. Lanza conceived, shaped with his hands and dedicated to the Milanese sciure, the chic and iconic elderly ladies of Milan, immediately noticed for their sophisticated and eye-catching outfits and eccentric color palettes. ‘La Luisa’, ‘La Gisella’ and ‘La Vilma’, life-size portrait vases of the ladies, each with their own personality, decorate the home of young people but also of ‘aunts’ with brio and irony.

The Loopo collection is completed by sofas, armchairs, poufs and rugs with essential lines lit by distinctive shades and patterns.

In a time of imposed stillness like the one we are currently experiencing, Loop chooses to present itself with Origine, a photographic project that metaphorically alludes to the origin of the world: the pieces of the collection stand out among the black marble dunes ebony in a desert and metaphysical landscape.