Luminous settings for a club in Alta Badia

At the top of Piz La Ila in Alta Badia (BZ), at an altitude of 2100 meters, surrounded by the peaks of the Dolomites, Rifugio Club Moritzino has been a reference point for skiers and lovers of the mountains for over 50 years, reached by way of trails or lifts.

Here gastronomy, sport and relaxation combine to give rise to a fashionable space, a refuge with a gourmet restaurant, and an evening venue where DJ sets and theme parties add excitement to the local night life scene. The building is like a typical mountain lodge, of simple construction, isolated in the context, with the typical stylistic characteristics of Alpine houses: from the pitched roof to the use of wood for the walls and beams, and the simple colors of natural materials.

A large window on the side of the main entrance offers a fine view of the surrounding landscape, in a symbiotic relationship between man and nature: the majestic presence of the mountains becomes a true spectacle of inspiration, while intensifying the perception of the spaces.

Rifugio Club Moritzino has recently been updated with technical lighting systems, using the solutions of L&L Luce&Light: 26 Flori 1.2 13W 24Vdc outdoor spotlights with built-in power supply offer RGBW light, with great versatility thanks to the various accessories. The fixtures have an elliptical 32°x61° optical set-up and an anthracite finish, installed to aim towards the wooden beams of the overhanging roof: the selected elliptical optic makes it possible to continuously light the protruding pitch of the roof and to control the upward emission of the light.

The effect stands out at sundown, and produces a dual value: it is functional, lighting the entire structure, and also emotional, with games of light that accentuate the atmosphere of the place, completely isolated and immersed in nature.