Glass, steel and wood for a house of innovative, global ideas

For the headquarters at Postal in Alto Adige, Dr. Schär has opted for luminosity and transparency to encourage communication and to bring out the contemporary character of the brand, evoking its history and respecting the green context. A headquarters also known as the House of Ideas, with a focus on creativity and innovation.

The need to facilitate coordination and contact between people inside the new facility guided the project by the architects Jury Pobitzer and Patrik Pedó of the studio monovolume architecture+design based in Bolzano.

A remarkable work in glass, steel and wood, organized on four levels, with a lobby opening upward and a staircase that winds its way towards the sky. The interior of the structure, resembling a museum, has been designed with terraced constructions on all levels and open-plan offices to facilitate exchange of information and ideas.

The new building stands out for its glass facade with a view of the surrounding apple orchards and the Dolomites, a symbol of the transparent working atmosphere of Dr. Schär and the ties with nature in the Alto Adige territory.

To obtain a light appearance, the architectural enclosure has been designed with a bar structure that alternates parts in concrete and parts in glass. A second facade of inclined glass blades protects against strong sunlight, optimizing energy performance.

The ceilings are active, radiant, cooling and sound-absorbing suspended solutions in plasterboard, and contribute to amplify the natural light in the workspaces. The flat green roofs establish a playful relationship with the outer landscape while ensuring uniform temperatures for the offices below.