For the month of February, Madrid becomes the international design capital

Madrid Design Festival is an international event that transforms Madrid into the world’s design capital, putting the city in the spotlight on the international stage. The program covers all the disciplines related to design: architecture, graphics, communication and interior design, all inside an innovative contemporary format.

Now at its third iteration, the Festival created by La Fábrica and directed by Álvaro Matías takes place as usual in the month of February, with a program of over 250 events including exhibitions and installations, with the participation of over 400 design professionals (see the program).

The protagonists of the Festival include: Patricia Urquiola, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Bruno Monguzzi, Mario Ruiz, Elvis Wesley, Willie Williams, Huge Studio, Mayice, Juli Capella, Izaskun Chinchilla, Waugh Thistleton Architects, Oteyza, Francesca Zampollo, Carlos Fontales, Saenz de Oíza and H Muebles.

Turin is the city invited as guest of honor, bringing its history of design and creative innovation, technological innovation for mobility and the auto industry, which in 2014 led to its listing as a UNESCO Creative City.

The functional quality of design, its power of transformation, its social and pedagogical dimension, new materials, sustainability and responsible consumption are just some of the important themes addressed in the program. The festival will also involve new locations this year, like the CaixaForum, Museo ICO, Tabacalera, the Instant Foundation and Palacio Santa Barbara.

In the context of the Madrid Design Festival, there is also the 2020 edition of Italian Design Day, an initiative supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote Italian design in the world. During the day of 26 February, the results will be announced for the project ItmakES. Design: a Voyage in Italy and Spain, produced by the Italian Embassy in collaboration with the magazine Interni, COAM - Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, DI-MAD Madrid and ADI-FAD Barcelona. The competition operates to spread the value of Italian design in Spain, through academies, universities, design schools and your professionals, fostering connections between the creative community in Spain and Italian companies operating in the design sector.

For this second edition of the contest, the prototypes have been made by Alessi, cc-Tapis, EMU Group SpA, Martinelli Luce, Pelty and Disegno Mobile, Truedesign. The winning projects will be on view during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, at the event Interni Creative Connections, for FuoriSalone 2020.