The collection of large thin slabs by Ragno

Maiora Concrete Effect, the large thin slabs by Ragno, are now made in a new format 120x278 cm, rectified in all the colors: White, Pale Gray and Dark Gray. The full height of the slab can be installed, exploiting the traditional size of the walls and avoiding cuts or added inserts.

Maiora Concrete Effect Botanical is the on-demand decoration inspired by the world of nature and flowers: it is composed of 3 modules of 120x278 cm, for individual or grouped use: the graphic continuity of the three slabs is horizontal. Maiora Concrete Effect Botanical is ideal to clad indoor walls, to achieve forceful visual impact with a high decorative image.

Maiora Marble Effect is the new 120x278 cm rectified tile with a thickness of 6 mm, in all the colors of Maiora Marble Look and with matte or glossy finish, ready for full-height installation on walls. The range now has two new colors: Paonazzetto, a marble quarried in the Apuan Alps, features a strong contrast between a pure white background, typical of Carrara marble, large coal-colored veins and zones with a delicate “brecciatura,” characteristics that bring out the decorative potential of this exclusive Italian material; and Bianco Extra, a selection of fine statuary marble with an extra-white background, displaying slender black veins.