Formal rigor and functional quality for a table set for cheerful living

Observation of gestures, behaviors, and the desire to respond to different needs at the table (from personal hygiene to nutritional choices) are behind the design of the flatware set recently created by Riccardo Diotallevi for SL Stampi Service. Maiposata is a table set for six or twelve places, or a practical kit for outdoor dining. It is based on a single concept: raising. When placed on a surface, the utensils remain raised a few millimeters over the table, thanks to a small separator built into the grip. To stay clear of contact with food traces and counters, the flatware – thanks to the opening in the grip – can be hung on the inside of cabinet doors, while in drawers the pieces can be stacked, forming a chain that is never set down and can be held together with the paired toothpick.