17 / 21 January 2020 - Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre CD 40 ZAC Paris Nord 2 93420 Villepinte (Re) Generation is the theme of the 25th edition

Maison&Objet celebrates its 25th birthday by looking to the future, to explore new trends of behavior of younger consumers, those of generations Y and Z. Since 1995, Maison&Objet has been the international appointment for professionals of the art de vivre, decor and design. Each iteration brings together about 3000 brands and over 85,000 visitors, including 50% from other countries. A stage for encounters and talent scouting, twice a year the event offers new sources of inspiration, decoding the trends of today and tomorrow.

The theme of (Re) Generation, the red thread of the whole year 2020, is clear right from the choice of the name: the January edition sets out to decipher expectations and dreams of a generation that has grown up on a planet in a state of crisis on many fronts (economy and environment, identity and migrations); while the September edition examines the desires of this generation raised on the web and in the social media (the so-called ‘augmented generation’).

“Faced with multiple global crises, people in the twenties and thirties today want to join forces to change the world; inspired by personalities like Greta Thunberg, they do not hesitate to get personally involved,” says Vincent Grégoire, expert on global trends at NellyRodi. “This is a generation that feels the need to make a meaningful difference, bringing new values into everyone’s way of living.”

Ramy Fischler will make an XL-format installation at Maison&Objet, to illustrate these new trends in consumer behavior. The theme will also be addressed in the What's New exhibit areas, with a selection of new products coordinated by Elizabeth Leriche, François Bernard and François Delclaux.

Michael Anastassiades is the designer of the year for 2020, with his ability to stay balanced on a tightrope of light. Always poised between art and design, culture and aesthetics, Anastassiades – a Cypriot living in London – is known for his working method that consists in removing unnecessary information until nothing more can be subtracted. Reduction to arrive at the essence of things.

Rising Talents Awards. After Italy, Lebanon, China and the United States, the spotlight is now on the French scene and a group of individual designers, plus one couple, carefully selected by a jury made up, among others, of Didier Krzentowski, Pierre Charpin and Guillaume Houzé, president of Fondation Lafayette Anticipations in France, René-Jacques Mayer, director of the design school Ecole Camondo, Françoise Seince, director of Ateliers de Paris, and Pierre Yovanovitch. The selected talents: Adrien Garcia, Julie Richoz, Laureline Galliot, Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini, Natacha & Sacha, Wendy Andreu.