The USM booth was a narrative space for color, energy and sharing

During Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019, with an original concept created by UNStudioUSM Modular Furniture presented more than a space of display.

The stand offered a narrative of color, energy and sharing that visitors could personalize with the USM Haller modular systems, which respond to the new needs of nomadic and curious workers.

At the Salone del Mobile 2018 USM presented the HomeWork concept, where visitors were asked about how they live and work. This year the company took action on its findings: it provided the ideal conditions for living and working in its booth, encouraging people to Make the Place. For WorkHouse in Berlin, USM identified four optimal conditions: to grow, to learn, to reflect and to meet. At the Salone 2019 the display demonstrated that by adding just a few extra ingredients, the USM Haller system is ready to be used to create those conditions.

From plants to acoustic privacy panels, a mixture of USM Haller and added elements produces an enhanced environment that stimulates the senses, offering new objects to explore, promoting social interaction and providing spaces for the development of human capabilities.

Like an ideal shared workplace, Making Places eliminated the concept of boundaries between home and office to become a collective process, where the audience created a new visual identity for the USM Haller modular systems, playing with the use of personalized stickers to formulate original, cheerful and unconventional solutions.

The design of the stickers made it possible to get away from the classic geometry of the systems, shifting them into a playful perspective.